Recent Case Studies

  • Hathaway House, London W9

    Hathaway House is a stunning mixed-use development located in Notting Hill. The project is currently in construction and consists of the demolition and redevelopment of 78 residential apartments and a commercial unit located on the ground floor. The scheme includes air conditioning within 59 apartments (excluding 19 Affordable Accommodation) and the commercial unit.

    Due to the specification of the residential apartments the development was designed with only visible linear grilles within the apartments as shown in the photograph below. All of the air conditioning services are being installed in the ceiling void to ensure a sleek and continuous finish.

  • Commercial Offices: Denny End

    A flexible air conditioning design was required when installing at a new business park in Cambridge in February 2018. The client required multiple individual systems which could be adapted for each new tenant occupying the building. A standalone system was designed for each area of the business park which allowed complete climate control for individual tenants.

    Industrial installation        Inside industrial installation

  • Maintenance: Hotel and Country Club, Yorkshire

    iCool Ltd provides a bespoke maintenance package for a 71 bedroom hotel in Yorkshire, complete with a spa, gym and dining facilities. Due to the wide range of facilities at the hotel and country club, the teams are required to look after a variety of systems including air conditioning, fridges, ice machines, ventilation units and humidifiers. Maximum efficiency is essential to our client due to the high capacity of the hotel and country club and as such regular maintenance and fast response times are paramount.

  • Bespoke Design: Close Control System

    The strategy team at iCool have designed numerous close control systems throughout the years, including at a testing facility in the UK. Due to the environment within the testing facility, a close control bespoke strategy was put in place to ensure the system maintained a strict temperature, humidity and air cleanliness. Only a small variance was possible for this client and 24-hour support was also put in place.

  • Domestic Installation:  Radlett, Watford

    Whilst constructing a new residential family home in Radlett, the owner of the property contacted iCool requesting an air conditioning proposal. The owner wanted to ensure the bedrooms of his property were kept cool (due to the high volume of glass within the property) and he did not want any units to be visible on the walls of the bedrooms.

    As such a ducted fan coil unit system was designed with all services hidden within the ceiling void and only linear grilles visible within the bedrooms. The design ensured only one outdoor unit was required at the property and thus a sophisticated and minimal finish was encapsulated.